DRIVEzone (formerly ADVENTURE 4X4 NZ), provides driver training for both corporate companies and individuals in Corporate Defensive Driving, Four Wheel Drive (4X4/ 4WD), Quadbikes (ATV), Motorbikes and Tractors. We also provide Individual Driver Assessments and a Vehicle & Tyre Evaluation service. Other services we provide include training material for specific industry use and site specific operational manuals.

From the beginning of April 2011, we can now offer National Certificate in Agriculture (General Skills).

Our trainers are fully qualified Trainers and Registered Assessors, with additional qualifications in Adult Education and "I Endorsed Instructors".

Our company has been providing driver training in the Bay of Plenty region for over 10 years.

What We Do

What we do: DRIVEzone, provide driver training courses to both OSH & NZQA Unit Standards level:

Both OSH & NZQA Training covers theory and practical content. For NZQA courses, the trainees complete an assessment paper followed by practical driving until a level of competence is achieved by the trainees. The trainees can gain credits for Unit Standards achieved.

The cost associated with NZQA and OSH training is dependent on the group size, training type and will be quoted at the time of application.

Where we are: DRIVEzone, office and training venue is located in the hills at 782 Ohauiti Road, Tauranga. We service clients from Auckland, Waikato, Taupo, Gisborne and Bay of Plenty regions, either at our own purpose built venue or in the area the client is based.



From early April 2011, we are now able to offer National Certificate in Agriculture - General Skills, operating as a satellite campus for Telford - A Division of Lincoln University. Trainees have the option to complete the course either as a Block Course of 11 week duration, or Part Time over 12 month period, completing Unit Standards of 40 NZQA Credits. The course focuses on workplace skills with a mix of compulsory Unit Standards which are Health & Safety related and elective Unit Standards, reflecting the choice of rural sector in which the trainee is seeking further education.

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DRIVEzone Corporate Defensive Driving course is completed to OSH level. The course covers both theory and practical sessions and is focused on hazard avoidance and safety awareness. All training sessions include LTSA Approved Driving Instruction.

The theory content of the course includes hazard awareness and accident avoidance, NZ Road Code and correct driving technique using audio visual display.

A continual interaction of questions and answers is encouraged and compliments the trainees' full appreciation of the theory session.

The practical driving includes one-on-one training and group sessions. The practical driving is based on NZ Road Code restriction and focuses on safety, correct driving technique and is not speed oriented. Practice of hazard awareness and accident avoidance of the theory session is also fully covered. Practical tests include panic braking technique, slalom course, hazard avoidance, swerve control and backing.

The cost associated with Corporate Defensive Driving training is dependent on the group size and will be quoted at the time of application.


DRIVEzone, 4X4 Driver Training course is completed to either NZQA or OSH Level and focuses on the safety awareness of the driver, vehicle and environment and driving techniques in various terrains.

The following aspects are fully covered in both theory and practical driving tests:
- KNOW YOUR VEHICLE - Type / Characteristics / Tyre Checks
- HANDLING CHARACTERISTICS - 4WD RV / Sedan / Stability / Braking / Cornering / Weight
- PRACTICAL DRIVING - Hill Climb / Hill Descent/ Failed Climb / Gear Selection / Terrain
- PRACTICAL DRIVING - Braking / Manoeuvres / Wheel Placement / Recovery

The cost associated with either NZQA or OSH training is dependent on the group size and will be quoted at the time of application.


DRIVEzone Quadbike Training is completed to either NZQA Unit Standards or OSH Level.

The NZQA level of training is completed on two part days of training, which is a requirement to meet Agricultural ITO, NZQA regulations;
Day One - Theory and assessment paper, with a practical element including a flat ride.
Day Two - All practical riding.

THE Quadbike (ATV) Driver Training course focuses on the safety awareness of the rider, vehicle and environment and driving techniques in various terrains. Training includes riding with mounted and trailed equipment.

The OSH level training covers both theory & practical content and can be completed in one full day, dependent on the trainees existing skill level.

The cost associated with either NZQA or OSH training is dependent on the group size and will be quoted at the time of application.


Our service of individual driver assessment assists companies who have concerns with employees' driving habits, (received notification of employee bad driving practices, accidents, vehicle damage, traffic infringements, etc.) or recent immigrants holding an International Drivers Licence and require assessment prior to application of New Zealand Drivers Licence.

Drivers are assessed on their practical driving skills and knowledge of Road Code, which requires approximately 1.5 hours per driver.

After the assessment completion, a performance and recommendation report is issued to the company and/ or the individual.


Regardless of the level of training (OSH or NZQA) already completed, we recommend a Refresher Training programme be completed every 2-3 years dependent on your company staff training policy. The refresher training ensures all your staff remains skilled and competent in the use of the vehicles in their places of work. The course is predominantly practical and is a condensed version of the original course, covering any updates on legal requirements, vehicle characteristics, reviews trainees experience and any incidents that may have occurred and to reassess trainee competence.

The cost associated with the refresher training is dependent on the group size and will be quoted at the time of application.


DRIVEzone provide an independent vehicle evaluation service which ensures the client vehicle purchase is the correct one, being "The Right vehicle for the job", rather than being pressured by the dealer or emotion.

Complementing this service is our Tyre Evaluation service. Tyres are a big investment and vehicle handling and cost efficiencies are directly related to the correct tyre selection. We can assist your Property & Purchasing department to make a more informed decision, ultimately generating company profits.


Some feedback received from the training evaluation from our clients:

"Exceeded my expectation" DS
"The course opened my eyes to the dangers associated with mud and how to mitigate them"
"Everyone should do this" JK
"Learned lots - thanks a lot"
"The tutor people skills and knowledge were key to my learning" NT
"Very informative tutor and awesome learning environment"
"I'll be more conscious of my driving - well done" RB
"Gave me more skills and confidence" JS
"Gave me confidence and had lots of fun"- BH
"Excellent presentation" - PM
"Very helpful tutor, he knew his stuff. Exceeded expectations" - JM
"Everyone should do this course" - EP

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